Effective July 1st, Virginia is set to move into Phase 3 of re-opening. Many other states and regions have already reached Phase 3 (and beyond) or are taking steps to do so in the near future. These developments have small businesses and firms nationwide facing unprecedented dilemmas as they seek to balance their legitimate revenue needs with the very real health concerns of their employees and clients.

Does your business have an articulated Return to Work Safely Plan ready to meet this challenge? A professional Return to Work Safely Plan assures your employees and clients that their well-being is a priority to you. A well-designed plan has several components.

First, the plan outlines what environmental steps are being taken to protect against contagion at business locations. This could include improving building ventilation, increasing cleaning frequency, setting up hygiene stations, or installing partitions between workstations. Employees feel better about returning to work when they know management is taking concrete steps to protect their health. Allconus can help advise you on what environmental steps make sense for your office locations, and if you like, we can also facilitate the legwork to make any modifications you decide are appropriate.

Secondly, a comprehensive Return to Work Safely Plan rolls out clearly articulated new policies. Thinking through all possible ramifications and choosing precise wording is key. Drawing on expertise from SHRM, the CDC, and a community of business leaders, our HR professionals can listen to your goals and then craft cohesive and professional policies to navigate your business through this unique time in history. Many businesses are adopting new policies mandating protective measures such as utilizing hygiene stations, wearing masks, and social distancing. Additionally, offices that are more crowded or have a larger staff are looking at hybrid staffing models to limit the number of people in the building at any one time. Allconus can help you determine what policies your business should roll out to optimize safety and productivity.

The Return to Work Safely Plan should also reiterate (or establish, if needed) policies regarding what employees should do if they feel sick. Do you want them to come in anyway, work from home, or take time off? And what if an employee finds out they have been exposed to COVID-19? Thinking through these scenarios and articulating policy before these situations occur ensures that your business can keep running as smoothly as possible. Moreover, your team will feel more comfortable returning to work knowing that you have considered these issues and have a clear plan in place.

Let our HR experts create a professional and comprehensive Return to Work Safely Plan tailored to your unique business setting and needs. Turnaround time is normally just 2-3 business days!
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