A recent Clio Legal Trends Report revealed that lawyers today clock an average of  2.4 hours of billable work during each 8-hour day—an utilization rate of only 30%. The reason for this shocking number is that lawyers are losing a large chunk of their day to business administration tasks like vendor management and website improvements, as well as HR issues such as payroll and recruiting. By getting bogged down with these operational duties, lawyers are spending most of their time on non-billable tasks.

You’ve invested a lot into your legal education and practice, and you deserve for your firm to be profitable. Attempting to juggle office administration and human resources on top of your legal practice is a poor use of your time and profoundly inefficient.

“The fact that lawyers miss out on nearly 5.6 hours of billable work each day should be a wake-up call for why efficiency is so important to law firms,” the Cleo report stated. “If ignored, inefficiency can have a devastating effect on profitability, which is a problem that will only compound day to day, year to year.”

Progressive law firms are adopting a “lawyer-less” operations model in which business administration and human resources functions are outsourced. Lawyers unburdened from operations, marketing, and HR matters can bill significantly more hours, improving firm profitability.  Tapping into the experience of Operations and HR professionals increases efficiency and provides a professional, streamlined experience.

Allconus now offers customizable Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations Management packages tailored for small and medium-sized firms. Available services include:

  • Benefits procurement and management
  • Recruiting
  • HR policy development
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Social media marketing management
  • Website search engine optimization review and improvement
  • Website development, management, and support
  • Operations optimization review and implementation
  • Operations policy development
  • Facilities support
  • Office management support
  • Hourly paralegal support