Is your website secure? Sites without a valid certificate are flagged in Chrome and Edge as “Insecure”, which can harm the perceived reliability of the site content and, by extension, the site owners. Additionally, ranking on Google without an SSL/TLS certificate is extremely difficult. Your website itself could be great, but without an SSL/TLS certificate, your chances of being seen in search results are extremely small. You may be wasting money on website development and hosting if your site is insecure. Allconus can help you secure your website quickly and affordably. Here are a few common questions we get about website security.

How do I tell if my website is secure?

When an SSL/TLS certificate is present on a site, the site’s URL will display as ‘HTTPS’ and you’ll see a green lock next to the words ‘Secure’ in the URL window.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that allows encrypted communication between a web server and internet browser. Having an SSL certificate provides security to customers and makes visitors more likely to stay on a website for longer periods of time.

In addition to encryption, a proper SSL certificate also provides authentication, which means that users can be sure that they are sending information to the right location and not to an imposter trying to steal their information.

What is HTTPS?

When your website is secured with an SSL certificate, HTTPS will appear in your website’s URL. HTTPS indicates that the site protects user data and ensures that the user is connected to an authentic site. In 2018, Google announced they would begin marking all sites without an SSL certificate as “not secure.” Non-HTTPS sites are ranked below secured sites in searches. As browser manufacturers push for a more secure web, HTTPS is fast becoming the standard for all websites.

How does SSL work?

When someone navigates to your secure website, your site sends the SSL certificate to visitor’s browser with the information needed to begin a secure session. This initiates the SSL “handshake” and allows for secure transfer of information between your website and browser. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, a secure connection can’t be established. This can negatively impact a potential customer’s confidence in your business.

On the flip side, securing your website gives you a competitive advantage against businesses who do not have an SSL certificate on their site. Allconus and our best-in-industry partners can help you procure an SSL certificate for your site, affordably and hassle-free! Contact us today at