Court Reporting – An Overview

Court reporters are an integral part of legal proceedings.  They record official court proceedings using stenotype machines, steno masks, or digital recording.  Court reporters record every spoken word in trials, hearings, and depositions. They may also record minutes at: stockholder meetings, business conferences, and arbitrations.l

A court reporting firm is commonly an intermediary between a court reporter and a law firm.  A reputable court reporting agency provides services, such as: coordination with court reporters, production and delivery of transcripts, securing conference room spaces, and hiring videographers.  However, they do not provide additional services that many attorneys often require that are related to a deposition, such as: catering, travel arrangements, and arranging for an interpreter.  There also is a wide variance in the quality of service provided by different court reporting firms.

The Allconus Difference

Here at Allconus, we are a one-stop shop to handle and manage all needs related to our clients’ depositions.  We have a nationwide network of court reporters and court reporting firms that we partner with to accommodate any time and location.  We vet all our partners to ensure the highest level of service is provided to our clients.  Besides scheduling court reporters and videographers, we have the capability to secure conference spaces nationwide.  Allconus handles travel arrangements for our clients that have a non-local deposition/court appearance.  We also frequently accommodate catering and other special requests for depositions.

Law firms are generally very busy, and we understand that.  Changes to depositions commonly happen.  By consolidating all aspects of your outsourced deposition needs to one place, you can make changes with one phone call or email, rather than having to reach out to multiple vendors.  For example, a changed deposition date may not just require contacting a court reporter to reschedule, but also may necessitate changing a flight, changing a hotel reservation, and possibly cancelling a caterer or conference room reservation.  The less time an attorney and his or her support staff must spend on administrative tasks like this, the more time is available to support the firm’s clients.

Additionally, a common issue observed is communication problems between court reporting agencies and law firms regarding delivery of items, such as transcripts.  Timely delivery of a transcript is a critical element post-deposition or court proceeding.  To that end, Allconus keeps an open line of communication with our affiliates and law firms before and after a deposition to ensure that everyone is on the same page and quality transcripts are delivered on-time.

Allconus strives to make every aspect of the deposition experience as worry-free as possible.  If you have a special request, we will go above and beyond to try to accommodate it.  Contact us today to see how we might be able to serve all your deposition needs.