Here’s a scare statistic: only half of small businesses will make it to their 5th year in business.  While there are many reasons for this, pricing and cost issues, bad management, poor marketing, and failures in customer service are some of the largest factors.  Studies have shown that switching between tasks (multi-tasking) can cost as much as 40% of someone’s productive time 

When you’re a small business owner, it’s easy to want to take on 10 jobs at once.  However, it is dangerous –both for your business, yourself and your family– to operate that way long-term.  However, hiring full-time employees may not be in your budget as your first start out, nor may they be necessary for many tasks you need done.

So, how can you grow your business sustainably?  Thanks to technology, remotely connecting with contractors and freelancers has never been easier.  There are many non-core activities that you may benefit from by outsourcing versus trying to manage on your own or with an already stretched thin staff.  By doing so, you will save the most valuable resource you have for your business – your time.  Here are 5 tasks you might consider outsourcing.

1. Administrative Support

A good virtual assistant can handle all your receptionist and administrative duties from a remote location.  Answering phones and scheduling appointments are not difficult tasks, but they can become time intensive, especially if you are consumed with other tasks and projects.  A virtual assistant can take calls, schedule appointments, answer emails, plan business travel, and more.  Outsourcing these tasks makes even more sense if these types of tasks are infrequent or only generally take up a small portion of the day.  Allconus has worked with numerous virtual assistant resources and can recommend the right assistant to fit your goals and budget.

2. Bookkeeping

You can’t run a successful business if you aren’t making money.  If you don’t keep good financial records, it is hard to know how you’re doing from month-to-month to make necessary adjustments.  Waiting until tax time to get help with your books is not ideal for that very reason.  Yet, bookkeeping is one of the most difficult and neglected tasks for many small business owners.  By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you’ll get your financial information more accurately and quickly since you’re dealing with experts.  Using a virtual bookkeeping service can also be very cost effective, generally costing a fraction of what a dedicated bookkeeper would cost.  Many bookkeepers can also handle payroll, which has numerous potential headaches of its own in terms of state and federal regulations.  Allconus has vetted and works with multiple bookkeeping companies.  Click here to learn more about some specific services we can provide for you through one of our bookkeeping contractors.

3. Marketing

To make money, you need customers.  Marketing is the fuel that drives a small business.  There are countless ways to market your business nowadays: social media, email, the internet, and branding, to name a few.  Most businesses don’t need a dedicated marketing or PR person located where they are to manage a successful marketing campaign nowadays.  Not only that, but having an outside perspective is key to be successful at marketing.  What a company and consumer think about a product or service may be drastically different, so consider getting that outside perspective via outsourcing your marketing.  Here at Allconus, we work with experienced marketers who have proven results.  Click here to learn more about our marketing and consulting services to help your business achieve your goals at an affordable price.

4. Website and Graphic Design

Your website is the face of your company online. It’s important that your web design reflects your brand image and is effectively and responsively designed.  If you’re not a web designer, you can outsource web design tasks to a freelancer or web design company to ensure your website is converting visitors to customers and is visually appealing.  Graphic design will also help your business stand out in marketing and advertising campaign, your blog and social media channels. However, having a good graphic designer on staff can be very expensive, so many small businesses benefit by outsourcing to meet their graphic design needs.  Allconus works with website and graphic designers that specialize in serving small businesses, because we understand that strategy and budget constraints are major considerations.  Get in touch with us to see how we can help with your website and graphic design needs.

5. IT/Technical Support

Finally, another technology related task that can be outsourced is IT support or a help desk. Computers and other tech gadgets in your business can go down at any time including those busy days when you need them most – such as making a sale or performing other important tasks.  If you’re not tech savvy or don’t have the right resources in your business, you can outsource IT related services either locally or remotely.  A good outsourced IT company can provide 24/7 support, which is likely better than what any internal team would be able to provide.  Allconus has vetted and works with multiple technical support companies and can help recommend the right IT contractor to fit your needs and budget.


By outsourcing tasks, you can focus your time and resources on the core services of your business.  Outsourcing adds skilled and specialized professionals to your team without adding the additional expenses associated with full-time employees.

Ultimately, by outsourcing, you can reduce employee benefit costs, accounting, payroll and corresponding paperwork, and will allow you to focus your time, energy, and money on what’s most important for your business.  Contact us today to see how we can help with your outsourced business needs.